to Sedona

For us, SEDONA, a luxurious trip turns out to be a combination of unique experiences and unforgettable emotions.
Thus, we have organized programs with destinations in Argentina, or combined with other South American countries, which let you be in close contact with nature, culture, traditional meals, and especially to be familiar with natives, taking part in original, exotic and pleasant activities. We provide bilingual hosts that relate every person to the most interesting, entertaining and unique experiences according to his interests so that the traveller comes to be the protagonist of his trip.

• Enjoying a gourmet picnic while listening to live-violin music close to a Patagonia lake.
• Trekking along Perito Moreno Glacier.
• Llama trekking along colorful and deserted mountains in Salta.
• Having dinner in a family´s house in the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.
• Sharing experiences with artists in their ateliers.
• Enjoying along traditional wineries with experts in Mendoza.
• Visiting regions with thermal waters and volcanoes in the Atacama Desert.

These are some examples of activities that provide the necessary adventure o eccentric luxury to be shared in family, with friends or entrepreneurs, or just for those who travel on their own.
You only have to choose where you would like to go through unforgettable experiences that are far beyond traditional options, always according to your preferences, expectations and interests, of course, and we will take care of everything.
Take advantage of our expertise to fully enjoy luxury experiences in a wide range.

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